How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving

We all know moving can be challenging. There’s getting the truck, using the right equipment, and the dreaded DAMAGE TO FURNITURE 🤬😞.

There are simple ways that you can avoid costly damage to your precious belongings.

How can you prevent damage to your furniture on your move:

  1. Make sure you obtain moving pads. You can either rent or buy these. These are indispensable pieces of equipment that will prevent damage to your furniture, walls, and hardwood floors.
    *(Fabio Moving Uses these on all our jobs free of charge)

  2. Make sure you wrap individually and piece-by-piece. When driving a truck, the road will transmit bumps and vibrations which can, consequentially, cause damage to your pieces.

Quick time lapse of how we wrap YOUR furniture piece-by-piece to get the job done!

3. Don’t forget to tie down your furniture when loading your moving truck. There should be no wiggles, remember that on the road the truck will really test your tying ability so make those knots strong!

4. When moving up and down stairs, be conscious of your surroundings. Little taps here and there on a freshly painted wall will break your heart. Pads will show their importance here since they will protect both your pieces and your walls when climbing up to your home!

5. Handle with care when placing the pieces on the ground. Your floors are one of the easiest things to damage in a move. Don’t be afraid to have two people on a single chair if need be. Placement is key.

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