How much does a Moving Truck Rental REALLY cost?

There are many factors involved when renting a moving truck. Size, time, mileage and number of days needed to get the job done are all factors. We have rented many trucks throughout the years when certain jobs call for it.


Base costs:

·      A 15’ truck good for moving a moderately furnished 1 bedroom runs at about $99 for a day of use and 30 miles of distance. A 20’ truck will run you $10 extra per day at $109.00 in town.

·      $40 per additional day if you find out that maybe you won’t get the job done in time.

·      $0.40 per mile if you exceed the allowed mileage.

·      Insurance for an older driver is averaged around $20 per day.

·      And Dolly rentals are around $5-$10 per day (trust us, you’ll want one of these).


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How can you save money when renting a truck?

·      Move in one trip – if you think you can squeeze all of those belongings you didn’t even know you had into a small truck, go for it! But use good judgement when picking between sizes as you may end up saving with getting a size up and making fewer trips.

·      You can use’s free packing calculator to determine how many boxes and materials you may need for your job.

·      Time your move- there is no doubt that moving is a seasonal affair (Even birds fly south in the winter, right?). Remember high demand dates – Experienced Bostonians know September 1st comes with a premium. Off season rentals are going to factor in your price.

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